These images were created from a blue glass bowl of floating flowers on a coffee table.

Lea began photographing the bowl in 2016 while stuck on the couch recovering from surgery.

"The only thing that really changed in my environment was the beautiful light and self arrangement of the flowers in my tiny personal pond and it's still, silent moods. Photographing it became the highlight of my day. I'm recovered now but I still love shooting it."

The series will be exhibited in 2021 in an online 3D VR artspace. Signed and numbered prints will be available and shipped world wide.



A collection of Lea's previous fine art digital photography hand printed in cyanotype. Using transparencies and light sensitive watercolour paper exposed to the sun, Lea has recreated her 'lost' images and united them in a new collection in deep soft indigo. Some images are then hand coloured, dyed with natural materials, or drawn into with ink or graphite.


The series is still in development, due for completion in later in 2021. At this stage is likely to be a travelling outdoor exhibition designed to adapt to Covid restrictions. One of kind hand made cyanotype prints as well as digital copies on cotton rag will be available for shipping world wide.

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