Images from Lea's Pond series were awarded a Bronze medal in the International photography prize PX3.

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A collection of Lea's previous fine art digital photography hand printed in cyanotype. Using transparencies and light sensitive watercolour paper exposed to the sun, Lea has recreated her 'lost' images and united them in a new collection in deep soft indigo. Some images are then hand coloured, dyed with natural materials, or drawn into with ink or graphite.


This series is waiting to see what Covid does. At this stage is likely to be a travelling outdoor exhibition designed to adapt to Covid restrictions or another online virtual reality exhibition. One of kind hand made cyanotype prints as well as digital prints on cotton rag will be available for shipping world wide.

joyfulabundance Rachel douglass and lea hawkins.jpg
four-generations Rachel Douglass and lea hawkins .jpg


A Creative Journey Through Breast Cancer

VR Exhibition

Artist Rachel Douglass contacted me looking for a photographer to collaborate on a project she was working on. Little did I know I was about to work over the next two years with a truly incredible woman to produce an exhibition shown at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery in 2016.


Shortly after the exhibition both our health began to decline, at one point we were texting each other from our respective hospital beds, myself with Crohns disease complications, Rachel with aggressive Bracca2 gene breast cancer that was spreading.

Rachel passed away, years after the prognosis given by her doctors, leaving behind two young children.

Before Rachel passed we had been talking about a book and touring the exhibition, but by the time I had recovered enough to take on such an endeavour without Rachel's grace and enthusiasm, bushfires and Covid took hold.

With the current acceptance of virtual galleries, I feel an online VR gallery, accessible at anytime to women world wide is the next best step to honouring Rachel's work. Due for release early 2022.

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