This series began in 2016 while recovering from surgery. On my own and unable to move far beyond the couch for months I started playing around with my phone photographing the light changes on the floating flowers a blue glass bowl on my coffee table. Initially I thought they would be images to paint from when I recovered, but it began to morph into a series of it's own, growing almost by itself as the light, flowers, and my life changed with the seasons. I still photograph this personal pond and possibly will continue to do so until the bowl breaks.

In 2021, images from the series won a bronze medal in the prestigious Paris International Photography Prize, PX3. 

The virtual gallery below can also be viewed with a VR headset for a fuller immersive experience. 

Sales of the small prints have now closed, however  further prints in other sizes may become available. 

The series is yet to have a live exhibition, which may take years to happen, but you can stay tuned via the Instagram link above or the mailing list


1-Reining-Hydrangeas lea hawkins.jpg


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